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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Union Square Block is Hard

This is the block I'm making. My directions say to start with that purple square in the middle, then add the 4 blue triangles onto each side. Then you add 4 purple triangles that are bigger than the blue ones.

Except I'm trying to get the blue triangles perfectly lined up with the center of the purple square. So that is what is making it hard. Sometimes I'm not getting it perfectly right. And when I did is I started folding my purple squares to find the center point and I folded the triangles so I could line up the center of the triangle with the center of the square.

It works. And I'm using a bigger stitch so that if I do mess up on lining everything up it is easy to rip it back out.


Susan said...

When I have triangles to piece like that, I cut the "ears" off - the little points you are going to trim away after sewing? I cut them off first, so I have a straight 1/4" piece to line up with the edge of the other piece.

Shelina said...

You can get trimming rulers, but if you just fold the square in half, center it with the triangle, the ears are easy to see and you can just chop them off. Then both your pieces are the same size.
Or if you piece all those half square triangles into squares first, then it is a simple matter of sewing squares together.