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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Help With Blogger

Is there some way to make like a favorites list so I don't have to bookmark all the blogs on here I like? And maybe also some way to see who has updated their blog and who hasn't?


Susan said...

The short answer is yes. On the sidebar of my template, I have several spots that are favorites links. You have to modify the template, and in just the right spot. I'm sure any number of us could help you figure it out for your template.

Or there's bloglines, which I haven't been very successful getting to work, but most people have no trouble with it.

Screen Door said...

You could use bloglines. It's easy and free. You can setup your favorites and it even lets you know when they are updated.

Shelina said...

I really like bloglines.

Melzie said...

I cant figure bloglines out to save my life LOL. Anyone want to walk me thru that? You can set up the links in your sidebar, I'd be happy to help you with that ;) xoxo melzie

The Calico Cat said...

go with bloglines - they take care of it for you!

Marcie said...

I put bloglines on my blog. Once you sign up you simple click the "add" tab and enter the http, etc. if you find a site that has the bloglines symbol it is even easier. Just click it fom their site and it fills the url in for you. Good luck. I'm learning it all now myself. ps: I alway liked that homeward bound to the union square quilt.