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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Alex's Winter Quilt

I bought half of the fabric for Alex's winter quilt today. I'm just using 16 different flannel prints. I'm doing that trip to the country pattern but with his flannel instead.

I was cutting some of the fabric up tonight and Alex kept running a marathon in his crib and making noise so I went in and got him so he wouldn't disturb Grandma anymore. I'd have finished cutting the 8" wide strips but Alex insisted he needed to help and kept trying to grab the rotary cutter from me and my ruler so I had to put it up for the night.

This quilt is going to take me a little bit longer than the last trip to the country one because I'm actually going to draw the 1/4 inch seams on the back of the fabric pieces.


Melzie said...

aww snap a pic of your flannels I want to see :) Good luck with your seam allowance, do you think we'll get good enough to eyeball it someday? Thats very hard for me too. xoxo melzie

Shelina said...

Those are pretty fabrics and will make a great quilt. It seems to always take twice as long as I expect to make a quilt anyway, and when you have "help" you have to double that amount. You can try marking your sewing machine with the quarter inch so you don't have to mark all your fabric.