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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rest of Alex's Flannels

These are the rest of the flannels for Alex's quilt. I didn't realize until after I got all 16 fabrics that there were solid colors. So that explains some of the weird fabrics. Like the drunk elephants LOL. Notice the martini glasses in their hands! And then the license plates and the cats on pink.


Gail said...

You have found some really cute prints there-I hope you show us what you did with them when it is finished.

Melzie said...

Cute prints! I esp. like the doggie and kittie ones :) xoxo melzie

The Calico Cat said...

What a great selection of flannels! Are you going to do a "rag quilt?" (If so get spring loaded scissors!)

Also to avoid "quilting" on a flannel quilt, I used a cheap white flannel for the "batting" instead of batting that you have to sew in place.

Depending on where you live, the 2 layers of flannel may be enough too.