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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Joann's Blocks of the Month

We went to Joann's tonight looking for fabric to do a kaleidoscope quilt, and I saw the blocks of the month had finally come in. They've had the clearanced ones for what seemed like forever but they finally got the next set in.

I asked Eric if I could get the first one and then I figured out the price on my phone.

$6.99 for one block, times 12 blocks.

Add in $34.99 for the setting kit.

And that's $118.87 BEFORE TAXES!!! And even at the size it will end up being it still isn't big enough for a queen sized bed. I'd have to buy more fabric to make it big enough to fit our bed.

Maybe I'm being cheap? I've earned enough money from my online thing that I could just about buy it all but $118 for a not even queen sized quilt seems expensive to me.

The quilt I'm making now is supposed to finish at 46x64 inches and the total yardage I need is 8 yards and that includes the backing and binding. At $2.99 a yard that will cost me less than $25 for all the fabric.


Nancy said...

In my opinion most BOMs are way too pricey. Better to find a pattern you like, buy yardage and cut your own kits.

The Calico Cat said...

BOM's especially when they are all cut out are very pricey!

If you really like them - wait until they og on clearance or use your 40% off coupons... If you sing up to get their online newletter, you will get an extra coupon - but you can't combine coupons.

Shelina said...

Yes BOMS are a way to get more money - pure and simple. Even when it is a pattern by itself. You could duplicate it yourself much cheaper. Don't forget the binding, backing and batting and thread you still have to buy. For Joann fabric, I wouldn't pay that much.