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Friday, August 11, 2006

Amy Butler Fabric

I bought some Amy Butler fabric from a co-op a bit back and don't have any plans for it. I had originally bought it to sell on Ebay but by the time I got the fabric I had shut down my Ebay business.

So now I have 4 yards of fabric with nothing to do with it. It's so luxurious, so soft. Feels nicer than the normal fabric I buy! :)


Melzie said...

Oh I bet you'll find a use for it soon ;) Its very pretty! Good luck with your kaliedescope stuff, I hope today brings matching seams and points for you!! xoxo melzie

The Calico Cat said...

Great fabrics. (If you get a nice assortment of lights (light blues, greens, and pinks - not whites) those would work great for a log cabin....)

Patti said...

Now I see why you asked whether I liked Amy Butler fabric! Beautiful, but not at all to my tastes.

dot said...

This is really neat fabrice. Hope things are going better with your kaliedoscope. It looks more to me like a stack and whack, I have never made one. Just think of all th practice you are getting. If you get to frustrated you can just use the fabric in another quilt.