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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Started a new project-bad me!

I started a Trip Around the World quilt following these directions.

Good thing...I didn't have to buy any fabric to start it! I just went through my stash finding pieces of fabric that were long/wide enough to get the strips. Except mine are 3" wide not 4".


Hedgehog said...

Cool, Andrea! I'm working on one, too, but with one inch squares! Good luck to your husband today.

Shelina said...

I've seen one with four inch squares (finished) that turned out to be a double size bed one, and I think the other one was two inch squares (don't remember if that was the finished or unfinished size) that was about lap size. Both of them contained twelve fabric choices, even though sometimes we used the same fabric for more than one choice. So there were 25 rows and 25 columns. So I guess you'll have a big lap size, depending on it you keep it square or change the number of rows or columns.