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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Trip Around the World Finished

At least the top of it is finished. What I can't figure out the top is 17 squares wide, and the bottom is 19 squares wide. I can't figure out how I ended up with 2 extra squares on the bottom half. I'll have to take a look at it tomorrow and figure out exactly where I went wrong when I put it together.

ETA: I think I figured out what I did. I think the two bottom halves were swapped, so the one that is on the right should be on the left and vice versa. But I'm not going to rip out the seams tonight, I'll do that later today after I have had some sleep.


Hedgehog said...

Andrea, I emailed you a little diagram I think might help. The colors are nice and bright!

Leah S said...

Sounds like you have it figured out - the squares being turned sideways.

I did worse - and ended up with a completely diagonal quilt! Nothing went "around". :P

But it's a quick pattern, you just gotta understand what you're doing. :)

Shelina said...

Good for you for waiting until you got your rest to work on your quilt. I find that when I am tired I make all sorts of mistakes and things are hard to figure out, and then when I am refreshed everything seems so much easier.