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Sunday, August 13, 2006


At some point in my quilting "career" I want to learn how to do applique.

I tried last night but I don't think my machine is good for machine applique. Or maybe I'm supposed to be turning the edge under and THEN doing the sewing. I was just trying it out last night without looking anything up.

Maybe the buttonhole feature would work for the sewing?

I was just trying to look up at the local community college what a basic quilting course teaches to see if it would be about my skill level or not.

Okay I looked up the beginning quilting at the community college. This is what the description says

How to create a beautiful and durable source of
warmth and comfort. Come and learn this traditional
American art. You will be introduced to basic quilting
techniques. Students practice during class and
furnish all materials. You will complete a quilted wall
hanging composed of six different quilting patterns
and techniques.

And that's really broad. :)


Melzie said...

Thats an excellent idea! I had looked into the classes at my LQS but they seem advanced and I dont want to feel dumb lol. I may look into that too Andrea! xoxo melzie

QuiltingFitzy said...

Machine applique can be done SEW many ways!

Let me see if I can tell you a couple...

1)Raw edge applique is done using a fusable web adhered to your piece that you want to applique down. You do need to either button-hole stitch (machine or hand) or straight stitch..or zigzag it onto the background. Your piece is cut the same size as the pattern, no seam allowance.

2)Needle-turn applique is done by hand. Small seam allowance and traditionally is turned just prior to stitching to the background.

3)Eleanor Burns does applique by using fusable web. She traces the piece on the web and then sews the applique piece directly to the web on the traced line. She cuts a slit in the web and turns the piece inside out, then fuses it to the background. I've done this method using a used drier sheet then pinning onto my background and machine stitching it on.

That's all I can think of for now, it's still kinda early and I've not had enuf coffee yet, lol.

Good luck with your classes.

Helen in the UK said...

Would an online course work for you? If you think it might have a look at what Quilt University offers. Triple Treat Tulips looks ideal if you want to try several machine techniques for applique, although it isn't running at the moment. Take a look and see if anything appeals. No affliation - I'm doing my first course with them now (Structured fabrics) and enjoying it :)

Shelina said...

Beth Ferrier's technique is to glue (regular Elmers glue stick; others use starch) to turn under your edges onto freezer paper. Then you use a blind hem stitch or a very small zig zag if you don't have a blind hem stitch using invisible thread.
Your basic class probably shows you how to cut the pieces, and sewing different things - squares, triangles, maybe a curve or two. I doubt that it covers applique.

Shelina said...

Try your local quilt shop. They would have classes - and you can see what quilt they are making so you know if it is what you want to do.