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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I have finished row #1 of Alex's winter quilt. I'm not sure whether I should actually put batting into the middle or just do a flannel back and leave the middle empty. I live in TX so it doesn't get quite as cold as up north. I've just never worked with flannel before and don't know if it would be harder to quilt through 2 layers of flannel and batting than just quilting through 2 layers of normal 100% cotton fabric and batting.

This is row #1

This is what my living room looks like right now, trying to keep track of which triangle is assigned to what number and letter combo. LOL.

And this would be Alex. He is the one I'm making the quilt for. :) Eric (hubby) nicknamed him SeƱor Guacamole in this picture since we gave him avocado to eat and he decided to play in it instead and get it all over his face. It's all the way up to his eyebrows in this picture!


Gail said...

Love the avocado face, he sure is happy about something-maybe its seeing Mommy playing on the floor with her toys!

Melzie said...

OMGOSH what a cutie! xo melzie

Leah S said...

Cheap facial treatment! :D

If you can't decide whether to put batting in the quilt or not, you could try fleece backing instead of flannel or make two quilts! Ain't I so logical. ;)

Shelina said...

Those triangles look like they are hard to keep track of. I use my living room floor as a "design wall" too. It makes sense to me to use one layer of flannel to represent both the backing and the batting.
Or you can use cotton batting and a cotton backing, instead of flannel. They are cool to the touch and absorbent.