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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fabric Stash

I'm definitely a lover of fabric. Although I don't have as much of a stash as I've seen some people have!

Between all my things of fabric I have 13 3/4 yards total. I told hubby that I could probably make a queen or king sized quilt from all the fabric I have.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Quilt Update

Finally done! I used tape to tape it to the wall for picture taking purposes.

Trying to do the rest of the binding wasn't very easy. I folded it over to the back and then flipped the fabric under itself. So that when I sewed through the top layer it went through all the layers and the edge of the binding on the back is a folded edge and not a raw edge. And the raw edges are tucked into the binding and are sewn through. The only real problems was when it came to the corners, I was trying to get it as least bulky as possible. Instead of doing a mitered border I just sewed the binding to the top and bottom, then to the sides, then folded it under just right and pinned it into place. But there was bulk in the corners that I had to figure out.

I'm planning on practicing mitering borders on a 4" square piece tomorrow hehe.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Just a quilt update. Haven't really been doing anything on this site in a bit but I still like to keep my quilting journal because I can see my progress as I go along :) Plus I can find other quilting friends!

I actually have the binding almost all the way on it. I'm still trying to do the one side of it. My thread got messed up on my machine when I did the last side (I think its because the bobbin isn't even) so I have to pull out some stitches and start on that side again.

I originally tried to do a mitered border but I didn't know you had to stop 1/4 inch from the edge, fold up the binding, fold it down, THEN turn the thing and start sewing from that new side! I had pinned it down all the way around the quilt (and had done the folding for the mitered corners) and then just sewed all the way around the quilt. It wasn't till I was done that I realized I'd messed it up. So I took it with me in the car to get some black fabric that I would then use for the binding instead of what I bought. And in the car I ripped out some of the stitches for the binding. Took me a bit but I finally got it undone. I'm just doing strips across the top and bottom, then the sides and I'll turn it under and tuck the ends in and use the machine to sew through the original seam from putting the binding onto the whole quilt.