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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Looking to read more blogs :)

I'm looking to read more quilting blogs, so leave me a comment!


Norma said...

You are welcome to read my blog.

Hedgehog said...

I just started blogging this month, so stop by to check out my first posts.

dot said...

You can stop by my blog. I don't have but one link to another blog, but if you check out the comments you can link to the blogs of the people who have left comments. THere are many and I find more continually. Also check out the links on the sided.

Melzie said...

come check my sidebar! I am working on getting them in a section but bloglines will NOT NOT NOT let me make new folders so there are quilty mixed with non quilty but tthere are A LOT. xoxo melzie

computerpeach said...

Hi, after a week of downtime - my blog is finally back up and running - so stop by! I also have a HUGE blogroll in my sidebar (almost 180 blogs), so check it out.

Shelina said...

Andrea, when I first started blogging I found several ways to look for blogs.
I would search for the word "quilt" on the blogger search bar and find lots.
I could also follow a quilter's blog ring - there are several, maverick quilters, stash quilters, artful quilters.
I could also just read commenters on someone's blog.
It helps to join bloglines, because you can add bloggers you have met, and it tells you when they have a new post. My memory is not so good about which blogs I have been to, so this helps.
I think eventually you have more blogger friends than you can keep track of.

Lisa D. said...

I always love to find new blogs too... I hope your car problem is something easy to fix.

Beth said...

You're more than welcome to stop by my blog. Everyone is welcome!