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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

4 Union Square partially done

I have 4 of the union squares partially done. I have the center square and then the 4 triangles on each side of that square. I still have to add more triangles around the outside of that newly formed square. Plus I have 3 more of them to make.

I have 4 of the homeward bound squares done. I have the rest of the left and right parts of the block ready to go through the machine, I just have to sit down and do it. Then I put in the center part of the blocks and send them through the machine again and then those will be done.

I have to make a bunch of HST's for the union square block. See instead of telling me to cut them into triangles in the directions it tells me to layer the 2 different color strips together, cut out the squares, then cut them diagonally and sew the triangles and I'll end up with I think it's 56 HST's.

I prefer to do all my cutting first. Unless it's a big quilt or just a lot of cutting. I took a few nights before I started this quilt and worked on all the cutting but since I hadn't read through all the directions I didn't know I'd be doing any more cutting.

1 comment:

Shelina said...

Good job on your progress.
The way they are telling you to make the hsts - sewing diagonally across squares and then cutting is actually easier, because there is less chance that you will distort the bias edges. I actually do it that way even when the directions tell me to cut triangles. And if you have triangle paper, or draw out those lines on the fabric, you can make lots and lots of hsts really quickly.

There are actually more than 17 (I think that is what someone said on QNN) ways of making half square triangles. Pick the method that works best for you.