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Monday, January 08, 2007

Question about Quilting

Okay the quilt I'm making for Alex will look like this.

Now if I wanted to quilt around the outside of each "diamond" that is in the quilt, what would be an easy way to do that? I don't have a longarm so it is harder for me to do nice designs when I quilt.

I think the way I did it last time is I went around the whole diamonds and just turned the quilt as I went and then when it got to where I couldn't go around each diamond anymore I just started doing the diagonal lines.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I want to quilt

I want to work on Alex's flannel quilt. It's my closest project to being done. The only problem is the dining room table is in Alex's room. When we put up the Christmas tree we moved the dining room table into Alex's room (after we took it apart) and by the time we put the Christmas tree in the box, Alex was already asleep so the dining room table is stuck in his room until he wakes up tomorrow.

I've been playing Everquest a bit lately. I'm kind of irritated with the game. See I haven't played since Dec 2005, and before that I had like 8/10 expansions. Now there are 12 expansions and the levels go to 75. Before then it was only 70. They changed the way that monsters con to you. Like white is the same level as you, then dark blue, then light blue, then green. Now it's white is the same level as you, then dark blue, then light blue, then green, then gray. Now you get experience for green when before you didn't. Like a monster I've heard to kill, which might have been dark blue a year ago is now light blue so its probably not as good experience. Since I haven't played in a while I have no clue where to take my character and level her up now. My enchanter was powerleveled up to 45. Higher level people took me on groups with them and I got experience that way, and I never had to cast spells, so now that I do need to cast spells I can't because I haven't built up my skills.

I started trying to knit something earlier. Just a simple washcloth. I want to work on my quilting darnit! But I can't do anything about it until tomorrow. :(

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Still Here

I haven't written or read in quite a bit but I am still alive! I just lost my urge to quilt for a while there. And since the week or so before Christmas we had the tree up in the dining room so we had to take down the dining table, which is where I had my sewing machine which has meant no sewing even if I wanted to!

I know I have quite a few blogs on my list but I can't remember the site to read all the blogs in one place. :( I reformatted my computer and probably had it bookmarked and can't remember the URL now.!! I found it! Did a google and looked at an article that had the url.