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Friday, September 01, 2006

Trip Around the World Pictures

It's about 38x43 inches. I used 3" strips and my seams were about 3/8ths of an inch instead of the normal 1/4th of an inch. I am quite proud of it and I love how quick it all came together! Thankfully when I was sewing it together I wasn't using the smallest stitch setting otherwise it would have taken forever to rip the seams apart and fix it!

I originally wanted to make a Trip Around the World quilt for our queen sized bed and I found a pattern I loved, got it almost done and gave up on it because I messed it up and didn't want to have to resew some squares back together and unpick other squares.

I'll have to figure out exactly how much fabric I would need to make a queen sized version, unless somebody has already figured this out. :)


Hedgehog said...

It looks beautiful! I was thinking about a queen size, too, but don't know how much you'd need - sorry.

Lisa D. said...

That looks really pretty, Andrea! Nice colors together!

dot said...

Looks good, you did a nice job.

Melzie said...

I made a about full size TATW from "country quilts in a day" by fran rohen or something similar. Check ebay I literally stitched up a full sized in a couple of days LOVE the pattern. xoxo

Shelina said...

Very nice. That stuffed animal in the picture looks like he is trying to reach it so he can snuggle with it.

netta130 said...


I was wondering if you would be willing to share a quilting pattern for trip around the world. I have four different colors of fabric well three different blues and an off white color. All are too yards I want to make a full size.