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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Tomorrow Alex will be 14 months. *sniff* I asked Eric if he ever wants to just sit Alex back down on the floor and tell him no walking allowed that he is growing up too fast. LOL.

I took the quilts I've made to Wal-Mart to show them to a friend there. She worked there back when my mom still worked at that store and she knows who my mom is. I actually started selling my quilt squares online when I was pregnant with Alex so she got to watch me pop out with him too. :)

The one fabric woman was amazed that I cut such small squares and made Alex's quilt. They're just 2 inch squares.

I think Susan really liked the trip to the country quilt. It has such bright, vibrant colors and I just love it myself. :)

I told her I made a Trip Around the World quilt and once I get that quilted I'll bring it to her and show it off too. :)

Are there any good clear threads to quilt with? I know I bought some stuff one time and it feels like fishing line but it isn't. It's just really slick ya know?

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