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Friday, September 08, 2006

Haven't Been Around

I haven't been in much of a quilty mood lately. I tried to do some of the union square blocks for my quilt but I'm just not liking them. I do like the homeward bound ones so I want to do something with those but I don't know what yet. I mean I want to stick them into a quilt but I'm not sure if I should just put borders around each square and then sew those squares together or what.

I haven't worked on Alex's quilt in a bit. Having the flannel squares not actually matching up with the color plan on my paper is making it hard work to make sure I have each triangle where I need it. So I'm just matching triangles up and sewing them together.

I would be sewing right now but I'm waiting on the company that is delivering my nebulizer for my asthma.

I'm not sure if I wrote about it here, I think I did, but one weekend I had to go to the ER because my inhaler wasn't helping my asthma attack. Got put on prednisone there.

And then last Wednesday I had to go to my Dr because I was having a bad attack and my inhaler wasn't helping again. I just got Alex up, got him dressed and walked us both to my Dr's office. It's only a 5 minute walk so it wasn't a big deal to just gather him up and go. I got to my Dr's office and told them I needed a walk in because I was having a bad asthma attack. I got called back to the little room and the Dr came in, listened to my lungs, had the nurses give me a nebulizer treatment and then prescribed me an inhaled steroid (asmanex) some antibiotics (I'm not really sure what for), and a nebulizer to use when my asthma attacks got bad enough that I needed it.

I would have called Eric to come home and get me but I know the ER copay is like $100 (my visit on that one weekend will cost us $400) and it would have been a 30 minute drive for Eric to get home and then another 10 mins to get to the ER. So I just walked the 5 mins to my Dr's office and got it taken care of like tons quicker than the ER would have done.

It does seem like my asthma is getting somewhat better with that inhaled steroid but I'm still needing my inhaler too much.

Like I bought one on insurance on Aug 18th, bought one again Aug 28th (off insurance) and then bought another one like Sept 5th (off insurance again) On insurance they cost me like $6 max, off insurance they are $18 each. And you know an asthmatics asthma is bad if they're using a 200 dose inhaler (use 2 puffs each attack, so technically 100 doses) in 10 days! Or like my second one was 8 days! That is BAD. When I was first diagnosed I could have an inhaler for months without having to refill it.

For my asthma right now I'm taking claritin (I have allergy induced asthma), asmanex (inhaled steroid), albuterol inhaler and my nebulizer, both as needed.

Boy that seems like a lot of meds for my asthma. But I'm sick of not being able to breathe.


Melzie said...

Hope you feel better very soon. I dont even HAVE asthma just allergies and I have been wheezy this week. xoxo melzie

Shelina said...

I have asthma, so I know how awful not being able to breathe can be, but you have a much worse case than I do. I have found that treating the cause - keeping the stress and the allergies under control, keeping the house as allergen free as possible, and staying away from cats helps me out a lot. But sometimes after everything you do, you just can't avoid an attack. I hope you find a good plan for action soon.