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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How can I fix him?

I have this dinosaur named Dave, you guys might better know him as Little Foot from The Land Before Time movies. I've had him since I was 4, so 17 years now. As you can tell he has been loved alot. I also have a dinosaur named Darryl (also Little Foot from The Land Before Time movies) but he is in better condition, he hasn't been loved and chewed on by me. :) I'd like if I could fix Dave so that Alex can play with him if he wants to. I'd let him have Darryl but Little Foot was released by Gund in 1988 to JcPenney from what I know and they aren't made anymore, so it'd be hard to get another one if he played with Darryl too rough.

This is Dave

And this is what he's supposed to look like in new condition

Now as you can tell Dave has been very well loved by me but I'd like to try and fix him so his stuffing stays INSIDE his neck and doesn't come out when he gets played with.

Does anybody know what I could do? I think it would work if I could find a brown color that matches him closely and make him a little elastic "neck" that covers his neck and has elastic at the top and bottom of the neck part. But the wear on him goes below his neck to his chest some.

And I don't know how many times my mom and I have tried to stitch him back together to keep his stuffing inside him :)


Screen Door said...

Patch him up, and then make him a shirt or jacket to hide the repaair., It'll work - I just betcha.


Shelina said...

It definitely looks like you need more fur. You can pick a coordinating color if you can't find a perfect match.
I agree with Melanie that some clothes will help hide the repair, and maybe even keep the damage from reoccuring.