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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sewing Machine Not Working Right :(

I'd been working on Alex's flannel quilt for a bit, then my bobbin ran out of thread.

So I loaded it with white just to play around with something, it started sewing all funky.

When I got on the machine tonight, I pulled out the bobbin and replaced it with a black bobbin (top thread is black)

I started trying to work on my one hour a day quilt project that I hadn't worked on in a while and the thread was still skippy feeling. So I tried switching out the needle for a new one. Still skippy feeling.

It seems like I got it sewing just fine on one piece of fabric, but when I try to go through 2 pieces it gets pissed at me.

When I look at the threads it looks like one of the tensions is off on the threads but I haven't touched the tension at all. So I don't know what else could be wrong. :(

It also just felt different when I was trying to sew with it.

I thought maybe I had put the tape on the feed dogs and that messed it up so I peeled the tape off and still didn't fix it.

ETA: My machine is cheap so if I needed to replace it I could...but it costs like $80 to replace and I don't have $80 available to just go buy a new machine. I'd have to layaway it or something until the next paycheck. I just hope its something like the tension!


Leah S said...

It's late for me... so I might not be thinking this through, but several things:
-could you have put the bobbin in wrong? Double check with your manual. I still have to do it ever once in a while, even after years of sewing.
-is your needle in sideways or backwards? I've heard this is one of the most common needle mistakes.
-rethread the top thread too, you never know if you've accidently missed a step or if a thread has popped out of a step.
-clean out your machine, a gal was recently having trouble due to a HUGE build up of lint underneath the stitching plate. She was cleaning out the bobbin area fine, but not specifically under the stitching plate or feed dogs.
-thread, could you be using hand quilting or upholstry thread by accident? I've almost done it a time or two.
-sometimes you just gotta play with the tension. Play with the top one first. Write down your original setting and then either creep it up or down and see what your stitches look like.

Hope you figure it out!

Screen Door said...

Leah is right. First thing I thought was rethread the top thread. hope it works out

Gail said...

Some machines-even some of the pricey ones- have a unique ability to escape the tension discs when you aren't looking. Always recheck your threading, gremlims strike when you least expect it. Also Leah is right about rechecking that your bobbin is placed correctly and especially if you have been sewing with flannel, check for lint underneath in the bobbin area. You won't believe what you will find!

Leah S said...

Oh, did you hear that WalMart is not going to do their layaway anymore? They'd rather have you charge a credit card an accumulate interest.

Another idea is to buy a WalMart gift card and just keep adding to it every payday/month/week until you have enough.

I've heard of some sewing machine dealers doing layaway too. A great time to check for machines at these shops is after Christmas - some folks will put a machine on layaway, miss the last few payments or such and the dealer will sell the machine for the remaining balance. I've heard of people getting $1800 machines for $800 that way.

Hedgehog said...
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Hedgehog said...

I think Leah has covered any idea I could have thought of - hope things are working soon!