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Friday, September 22, 2006

Quilt For An Hour Project

I have 10 squares completely sewn. I have 8 more that I have in pieces and still need to sew, but I'm running low on black thread, the white on the spool is showing. And then I have 2 squares that I need to put together but I don't have parts to any 2 complete squares! I don't know why either! I could swear that I had 20 sets of squares and all that stuff but now I don't, I only have 18 so I have to make more HST's to complete my squares.

ETA: I found the missing pieces, turns out they were behind me where I hadn't looked. *sigh* But I do have all 20 squares now. Only 10 of them are sewn together, and once I get more black thread I can keep sewing.


Gail said...

Keep going-you are progressing, and that is great. Maybe a quick trip to the store for some more thread where you can pretend to resist all the fabric.

Shelina said...

I do that all the time - lose squares only to have them sitting near me. I think they have a tendency to walk away when you aren't looking, and then they walk back to make you think you're going nuts.

Hedgehog said...

I lost a block for my two most recent quilts (Color Purple and Love Beads)! It makes me feel like I'm going crazy. One showed up later, the other one never did. I can just imagine it riding around Romania on a train by itself - that's where I started piecing them.