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Friday, February 23, 2007

Need Quilting Help

So I was looking at the directions for cutting the black (magazine said to buy 1 3/4 yards black.

And then it wants me to cut 2 (3.5x87.5 strips), 2 (3.5x78.5 strips), 2 (3.5x75.5 strips) and 2 (3.5x66.5 strips)

Umm you can't do that with only 1 3/4 yards!!!!

And the only way I know how to cut like that is to cut across the fabric instead of from selvage to selvage which is weird to me. I always cut selvage to selvage, never along the length of the fabric. So why would we do it for this?


Sew Unique Creations said...

Which magazines are you using a pattern from? You do not have enough length to cut the pieces from the length of the fabric if you purchased 1 3/4 yds of fabric. But, you will have exactly enough to cut the eighteen 3 1/2" wide strips the pattern is requesting - you need 2 sets of each measurement listed. You will cut the strips and sew them selvedge end to selvedge end to get the length you need. Just be very careful on your cutting because you will need 63" or 1 3/4 yards exactly to do so. Email if you have further questions and I'll walk you through it. Personally I would purchase more fabric and cut all the strips to the length the pattern is requesting, but that's not always possible to do, especially if you already have the fabric. It is possible and quite often done to cut the fabric lenght wise (meaning from cut edge to cut edge) for borders and such, that way you have one long strip of fabric to work with that is not interuppted by a seam. It adds strength. Also, if you are using an obviously patterned fabric for the border, it's smart to use one long strip instead of piecing it together!

Shelina said...

Andrea, generally they ask you to cut with the selvege so that you do not have to piece the borders. It is also supposed to be a stronger grain that way. I haven't done the math to see if you have enough fabric.

There may be an error in the pattern, so you should check the magazine's website to see if they posted an error correction. Also look in the directions where they tell you to use the pieces, and see if there was a typo. Or do the math to see if the size piece they are asking for fits the block you are supposed to be putting it against.