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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Quilting Update

Bought the fabric on 2-19
Started ironing on 2-20
Started cutting it on 2-21

Made first cutting oops on 2-21

I thought my medium yellow was actually my light yellow and cut it as my light yellow. Oops! I should be able to fix it though. And hopefully we won't have to make a run to the store for any more!

Last night we bought another lip ruler for me. The ones at WalMart didn't come in a long length (like 24 inches?) so the one I have is like 3x18 inches. I normally fold my fabric in 4 anyway so it still works for me.

I read somewhere that it talks about folding in half for a beginner quilter and I was thinking, do cutting boards come in that size? And the rulers?

1 comment:

Shelina said...

Yes, cutting mats do come in bigger sizes. You can even buy huge table size ones.

They ask you not to fold the fabric, so that you won't get those dreaded v's. But since you already fold in four, and know how to fold properly to avoid the v's, I wouldn't worry about buying a new mat.