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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gotta Get a Marker

I've gotta get a fabric marker to draw lines. I did have a light blue one somewhere, but well I don't think it will show up very well on my darker fabrics plus I can't find it. LOL.

I used pencil on the two yellow colors, but it won't show up on the rest of the fabrics. So gotta buy one of those marker things.


Shelina said...

Those markers are good. In a pinch, you could borrow some chalk from your child. Or their washable markers. You probably want to test it to make sure it will wash out.

Rose Marie said...

Clover have two pens that I use ... blue and white and they wash out easily.
Be careful with Crayola washable markers. I had a problem with them on two quilts and won't use them anymore.

Quilt Mommy said...

I use a plain old mechanical pencil on most projects - graphite is shiny so it shows up on a lot of dark fabrics. I do use a white chalk pencil on black and anything that is too dark to easily see a pencil line. :)