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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Getting Busy Around Here!

Could anybody who visits my blog click one of the adsense links? I know I've got some of my quilting people reading me, so if you wouldn't mind clicking a link, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!

We adopted a dog today. And so it's an adjustment period for both Alex and the dog. Eventually the dog will settle in and Alex will get used to not being the center of attention anymore.

Hopefully now that Alex has gone to bed and things have calmed down around here I can get back to working on the other bedroom and get my sewing stuff set up!

Does anybody have some good ways that they have their fabric so you can actually see what you have and not have to go flipping through a box? I have all of my fabric in small boxes, so I'm having to flip through it all to find what I want. Plus it isn't sorted by colors or anything!


Leah S said...

Keep in mind that the majority of people likely keep updated through a feedburner subscription or other such reader (the coding is built in the blog). So they read, know what's going on... but they're not actually at your blog. I know it might sound discouraging, but when you have 477 blogs on your list - like I do, there's NO way to manually visit them every single day. If I didn't have a blog reader to do the checking for me, your blog would have likely fallen off my list to check a long time ago.

I'm not trying to be harsh or anything - the blog reader allows me to keep updated much easier. And you're not "just another blog" - you have a distinction that makes me remember who are you every time you make a new post on your blog. I was mostly attracted to your blog because of your age. It's always nice to know there's fellow quilters in their 20s. :)

P.S. For the Galaxy Stars, I'm using 30 different hand dyed fabrics, and then the black background. I only needed two 2" strips of each color.

Leah S said...

Oops, congrats on your new family "member". ;) I adore dogs and hope to see lots of pictures soon!

Melzie said...

thanks for dropping by my blog :) Yours looks interesting I'll add it to my bloglines. xoxo melzie