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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quilt Pieces All Done!

Got all the individual pieces sewn together and ironed! Now to work on getting the rows together! I found a perfect square earlier while I was doing my ironing. Just have to scan it.

All the edges go together just right and it's like a perfect square. Some of my other pieces look like I need to trim a little bit here and there but not this square!

1 comment:

Finn said...

Hi Andrea, I just had to pop over and see who it was that sang 'starving knife'...LOL. That's just adorable, and I sure can see how it might sound that way to a child.
It's such a silly old rhyme anyway, luckily free wheeling mice in 3's are pretty much ancient history in our country.
You are making great progress on the square in a square blocks. They look good.
I also really like your Country quilt and the one just below todays. What a fun idea with quite simple shapes. Keep stitching away.
I look forward to seeing more quilts from you. Hugs, Finn