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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thread Breaking

My thread has been breaking while sewing if I go fast. No clue why. I got the last of my rectangle strips sewn together though.

I still need to sew my squares together. I have to draw the diagonal lines to sew on before I can actually do some sewing.

I don't have as much time to sew as I used to. LOL. Now it's only during Alex's naptime or after he goes to bed.

Before I had him I could have sewn whenever I wanted or all day if I wanted to, but not now. Got a little one to take care of. :)


Quilt Mommy said...

Have you changed your needle recently? Usually, my thread breaks if I need a new needle, the tension is too tight, or if I haven't cleaned the lint from under the feed.

I understand your sewing woes - I have a 16 month old and a 4 year old (who will be five in mid may - yay!) and I have gone through stints where the kids just didn't allow me time to sew. Is your son 3? I have come to appreciate hand piecing and quilting during those times when my sewing machine stayed in its case! :) Good luck, and I bet as your son gets older he will become more independent and not need such a constant eye on him - and you will be crying for those baby days! :)

dot said...

Thanks for visiting and commmenting on my blog. I used push pins to hold my quilt while I took the picture. I know this probably is not the best way but it it the way I do it. I go through the top of the quilt right into the wall, yess there are many many holes where I have done this but hubby hasn't seen them yet and I don't tell. I guess one day I will pay the piper. Great quilts so far.
Yes you can cut from end to end and not selvage to selvage, this allows you to have borders that are not pieced. If you don't mind pieced borders you can do selvage to selvage.