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Friday, July 28, 2006

Awww :)

I just put Alex to bed for the night. I kept telling him to lay down and I was holding up his quilt. He kept laying his head down on it and I told him that I can't wrap his head up.

So I just handed it to Alex and told him to lay down. I was getting ready to close his bedroom door and looked back at him and he was laying down on his tummy with the blanket in his arms or underneath him. :)

Awww he loves the quilt I made him! :) My mom has been putting him to bed recently because she's staying with us while her house is finished and she said he likes to hold it when he goes to bed.


Melzie said...

That is very sweet! I just started a quilt for my youngest, he'll be the first in my family to get his own :) I hope he loves his too. xoxo melzie

dot said...

I just found your blog. Very nice. I think I might have to try the trip around the coutry. Use up fabric since I won't be buying any this month.